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"I was referred to Steve by a friend, so I called him regarding a remote start for my girlfriend’s 2008 Dodge Charger. I told Steve I wanted to surprise her and he offered to meet me at my house during lunch and install it there. I took him up on his offer. He showed up at the specified time and was done in about a half hour! Steve installed a remote start system that has a remote that let’s you know the car is running, which was very beneficial as the car is usually parked with an obstructed view. Steve, thanks again for the great service! "
Ron G. - Macomb County Sheriff
"I had my first remote starter installed by a national electronics store. It was a joke. The lights didn't work properly and the doors didn't even lock when the vehicle started! Don't make the same mistake I did. I eventually had Steve replace it and have since used him for four more vehicles and all have worked perfectly. Make sure you use an expert. I highly recommend Steve to everyone."
John - Washington Township, MI

AUTOTRIX offers a wide variety of auto-dimming mirrors with your choice of customized options...compass, temperature, and Homelink.

Why use auto-dimming mirrors?
Because rearview mirror glare causes accidents.  It's that simple.

Research shows that during nighttime driving, headlight glare from vehicles traveling behind you can be blinding.  Even once the source of the glare is removed, an after-image remains on the eye's retina that creates a blind spot you may not even know exists.  This increases driver reaction time by up to 1.4 seconds.  At 60 mph, you'd drive over 123 feet before you even reacted to the danger in front of you.

Auto-dimming mirrors make nighttime driving safer by detecting glare and automatically dimming to protect driver vision.

Auto-Dimming Mirror

Auto-Dimming Mirror with
Compass and Temperature


Auto-Dimming Mirror
with Compass, Temperature & Homelink

Auto-Dimming Mirror with
Integrated Reverse Camera and Compass











Auto-Dimming Mirror
with Compass


Auto-Dimming Mirror
with Homelink

Auto-Dimming Mirror with
Integrated Reverse Camera


Auto-Dimming Mirror with
Integrated Reverse Camera, Compass and Homelink


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